Giant Paperclip Hacks and Uses of Leather Pencil Clips

Paperclips and Pencil Clips are very tiny office supplies but they have very important purpose. Some do not realize that there are some innovative ways to use them that have not used before. Let’s start of with the paperclip, and let’s have a giant one.

The Giant Paperclip can be used for a lot more ways? Like the ones below:

A giant paperclip is one of the coolest things you can have in your office. Imagine using it more than as it should be as a smartphone mount, plant hanger, Fish hooks, Flower wire, emergency key chain, Letter opener, money clip, Hair barrette, Belt holder, egg dipper, Compass, and so much more!

You can also use a leather pencil clip in some other ways like holding small wires or attaching a hook on it to hold other small desk things.

I saw a giant paperclip collection and a very nice leather pencil clip from YrGear recently and thought these could be good additions to any office, whether it’s in the home or a real one in a tall building. You may want to acquire them and make your desk more interesting.

You can get the 4-inches long giant paper clips in different colors. These are best used as money holder, paper holder, and letter holder but as I said, there are countless ways to use them.

Imagine having a touch of class to any report you have using the giant paperclip. And also, imagine a coll desk with the leather pencil clips on it.

The plain giant paperclips and leather pencils clips can be customized depending on your style. You may even want to produce as much as you can and re-sell. You can use paper punches, gemstones, charms, beads, silk flowers, pebbles, cabochons, ribbons, sand paper, and much more.

All giant paperclips available at YrGear are corrosion-resistant and you thought about it, they can also be used in the kitchen. They can hold pouched ingredients or also with packed foods like junk foods.

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