Skilled Aged Care Workers: 6 Qualities to Assess Before Hiring

You surpassed the stage of indecision. Now, it’s time to hire an in-home aged care professional. You want the best for your elderly loved oneso it makes sense that you’re thorough in hiring.

What are the qualities you should look for in an aged care worker? Check them out:

1. Aged care certification

This is the primary qualification you should check. Experience isn’t enough. The fact that they have something to show is already a plus. Formalising their skills through accreditation shows their passion and commitment.

Types of certification:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Home Care) – This certifies the carers’ skills on residential home care.
  • Certificate III In Individual Support (Ageing) – Nationally accredited certificate for skills and knowledge in caring for elderlies.
  • Certificate III In Individual Support (Disability) – Proof of knowledge and skills in direct care, safety procedures, and disability care work.

2. Aged care experience

Experience is not enough but it’s the best teacher. Besides skills, adequate experience provides a worker many advantages. These are often skills a course can’t teach.

In addition, it’s a plus if they have other experiences besides aged care. If they can bring something different to the table, then they’re a viable candidate.

For instance, if they are skilled at organising community events, they can introduce your loved one to fun, lighthearted gatherings they might enjoy.

Meanwhile, if they have an artistic side, they can conduct cognitive- or sensory-stimulating activities such as finger painting, solving puzzles, or taking quizzes.

3. Multitasking skill

Another skill that a course might not directly teach. Multitasking is a crucial skill for aged care workers since most of them work alone.

Workers who provide respite care should be ardent multitaskers. Since they will be substituting you, they must also fill in your numerous responsibilities. They will be worth hiring if they can streamline things for you.  

4. Quick-thinking skill

If they can multitask, they must also be quick-thinkers. Caring for an elderly person won’t be easy just because they’re trained.

Certain situations might cause unexpected problems. Thus, any worker who provides age care Melbourne wide must always think on their feet.

If they can solve new problems without complaining because they’re unforeseen, then they’re ideal.

5. Empathy for others

No aged care worker should take this career if they can’t empathise with others. Empathy can be learned but it must be any carer’s second nature.

They must also feel empathy for everyone and not just for elderlies. Talk to their previous employers or references in their resume. Observe how they act towards other people.

No person is perfect, but your loved one’s carer must have this defining quality.

6. Patience for mood swings

If they can empathise, they can be patient. No aged care worker would succeed if they are short-tempered.

An elderly person can have lots of mood swings and tantrums. Carers must be patient and understanding enough to not take things personally.

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